No student in his sane mind will tell you he likes tests and exams. That’s simply against student nature! However, taking tests and passing exams is an inalienable part of studying. You can use some essay help during an academic year, but it’s only you who can take test. In case you have difficulties going through such stress, these 10 best exam-taking hints will guide you in the right direction.

Adopt a positive attitude

Benefits of positive thinking are proven thousands of times. Positive thinking creates a special aura around you, so that you can even pass a test with flying colors without any preparation at all. Don’t be depressed or grumpy, it’s just a college test after all!

Prepare in advance

Teachers normally offer you a week or more to wise up before an important test. Spend this time preparing for an exam gradually, no need to rush or be in a hurry. Draw up a revision plan, check on the topics and case studies you might’ve missed on and take your time getting ready for a test in a natural, steady pace.

Go to bed early the night before

Well-rested is the only state of mind capable of performing its best on a test or during exams. Given you’ve followed a material revising plan, there’s no need to cram the night before the event. Quick overview of topics and going to bed earlier is the best tip which will pay off with a fine grade.

Have a proper breakfast

Besides resting out well you should have a solid meal too. Your brain functions properly only when a body has enough fuel to maintain all key functions. And when you’re hungry, all your brain can think of is steak.

Don’t panic

Tests are already stressful themselves. Anytime during a test you can get stuck or your mind can easily go into freeze mode. In such case you have to take a deep breath, relax, sooth down nerves and carry on with the test. If you realize you’ve forgotten anything, move on to the questions you know answers to. Return to things you don’t know or have forgotten answers to when all other points are covered.

Answer easy questions first

When test begins, scan through the questions and answer the easiest first of all. In case you know the answer that is 100% correct, get done with it first and then move on to the following test items. Lave the most difficult parts for later.

Trust your sixth sense

There’re times you simply don’t know the answer for you’ve either got stuck or burned out. Under such circumstances, make a guess. If multiple answers are available, there’s one to four chance your guess will be correct. Plus, when you don’t know the correct answer, you might know that at least one or two suggested possible answers are totally incorrect, which narrows down the guessing options to as few as possible.

Watch your handwriting

In a hurry, our handwriting becomes really messy. As a rule, a teacher can make you a warning or even lower the test score because of incomprehensible calligraphy. This said watch out for your digit ‘7’ not to be a digit ‘1’.

Don’t rush to hand in your test sheet

Do a small literature review before the test. Mind that haste makes waste. When done with a test, skim through a handout or sheet a couple of times more. Who knows maybe you missed on a question or gave an incorrect answer. Remember those extra 5 minutes left are precious for you to eliminate possible mistakes and ensure all the answers are the best you’re capable of. Turn the test in with the bell and congratulate yourself and friends with another successfully passed one.

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