You know one when you see them – carelessly stuffing their 97%-graded exam sheet into their bag, as if it wasn’t a fruit of long sleepless nights, sweat and probably even tears. They make success look so easy for everybody around, be it a dissertation proposal or a fun play for your next drama club meetup. Who are they? Are they from another planet? Are they a future Steven Hocking in disguise? Be it as it may, there are underlying habits that make up such people. And today, we are talking about them.

  1. They skip some homework

Homework stands for only up to 20% of your grade, yet it can take tons of time. That’s why maybe all that math homework is not such a great investment of your time.

  1. They go easy on books

Textbooks prove to be the least effective way to prepare for exams. Top students prefer practical problems, notes and old exams.

  1. They’re curious

Top students want to know things and never get tired of sucking the tiniest bits of information from Wikipedia. With such a great source of information at your fingertips, it would be a waste not to use it.

  1. They self-test

Remember how you learned more from a test than you did from the lectures? That’s why testing yourself is a good way to retain new material.

  1. They choose sprints over long distance

Studying in short sessions helps you focus much better than when you have to deal with hours of reading.

  1. They sleep. A lot

Living off 4 hours of sleep a day can be a sad reality, but it is never a path to success. Top students sleep at least 9 hours a day to provide them with energy for focused work during the day.

  1. They ask themselves questions

Similar to self-testing, asking questions and searching the memory for answers can help remember much more and for a longer time.

  1. They get the most out of the least useful lecture

You will learn only when you want to, regardless of the teacher. Top students ignore all the boring stuff and try to focus on what is practically important during a lecture.

  1. They correct their mistakes

Analyzing mistakes is what every top student does after every exam. And rest assured – they will never do it again.

  1. They’re busy elsewhere

“If you want something done, give it to a busy person.” There is so much truth in this saying! A busy student doesn’t have time to procrastinate – they just get to writing a research proposal or doing any other thing for college without any second thoughts.

  1. They don’t wait for motivation

It is easy to work when motivation strikes you. Try keeping that vigor on your less inspired days. Much harder, don’t you find? Yet doing so will help you succeed.

  1. They practice wisely

Top students don’t just re-read all notes – they practice in test-like conditions.

  1. They take notes with a pen and paper

Typing is too fast – writing words with your hand will help remember them better.

These are the main habits that define an easy and efficient learner. Try yourself – and you might get surprised by the results.

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