Motivation is important – any psychologist will tell you this. How can you possibly get any work done if you don’t really see the point, right? Yet it’s often hard to find a motivation strong enough to keep you going. That’s why you shouldn’t be shy in looking for it everywhere. Like literally – everywhere, including entertainment like movies. Having a strong mechanism of delivering ideas and stirring emotion, the products of filmmaking can become a powerful source of motivation. And when it wears off after one film, you can easily skip to another one. As easy as that you can have motivation coming your way. Here are a few movies that can get you started.

Freedom Writers

Stories of inspired teachers that help their students through the rough path of personal development are always good, and Freedom Writers is one of the best. Being assigned a class of seemingly incapable teenagers, Hilary Swank doesn’t give up and helps her students take interest in studies and planning their future through reading and self-analysis.

Dead Poet’s Society

Another teacher story featuring Robin Williams and taking place in an all-boys preparatory school. Struggling with the pressure put on them by their parents’ high standards and expectations, students of the school appreciate the new teacher’s unorthodox methods and learn to pursue their dreams and discovering their true selves through literature review of works by major writers and personal interaction.

Legally Blond

A little diminishing to the entire concept of being a lawyer, Legally Blond nonetheless tells a story of hard work and persistence.  Especially good for girls and those who feel that they can have a good laugh seeing how easy it was to ace law school for Reese Witherspoon (think of her video personal statement for example).

The Paper Chase

Another law-student story (come to think of it, all best motivation stories are about lawyers, doctors or teachers), The Paper Chase is about the struggles between a first-year student and a professor who’s forced lots of others to drop out. But the student survives the storm and even starts dating the professor’s daughter. Now that is a plot twist!

Eddie the Eagle

Even if it’s not about studying, it is about learning. Based on real-life events, the film tells the story of a self-made Olympic athlete, whose dedication and persistence were much greater than skills and gifts. Think about what this guy has gone through to get to the Olympics next time you sweat over your dissertation proposal. It helps a lot!


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