Everyone makes mistakes. That’s what makes us human. However, a successful student has to seek to make as few mistakes as possible, especially when writing various assignments like essays, compositions, book reviews, reports, case studies, etc.

Writing prowess is what determines a classroom academic leader from an average Joe behind the last desk. Are you the leader? Then you definitely have to check yourself whether you fall into these simple assignment writing mistakes or do better than that.

Reading task instructions out of the corner of an eye

Remember how you started on an analytical essay and ended up doing a compare and contrast instead? Lecturers, professors and all kinds of other college faculty members don’t like shifts like that. In addition, if a list of reference sources, for example, is given, follow it as is and please a supervisor with a fine read.

Also be attentive when dealing with word count and timelines. Always manage your time to deliver assigned papers in time. Plus, remember that it’s better to hand in less of great content than more than enough of non-digestible scribble. When asked to deliver 2000 words, aim for 1950. If necessary, chop off excessive sentences and even paragraphs, re-write to preserve density, be to-the-point. Professors like milk and tea, not milk and water.

Putting assignments in a cold storage

Procrastination is the bane of many students. We like putting written assignments aside till the eleventh hour and then rush to concoct a decent paper overnight. Tired, sleepy, anxious and sometimes angered, procrastination-prone students turn in those shabby papers and get disappointed then it comes back with a C.

That’s why your task is to start working on any paper well in advance. Dedicating enough time to each assignment – big or small, it is what you have to focus on no questions asked. Two evenings writing, one evening proofreading – that’s a perfect timetable for an essay. Do you have a paper with more pages to it? Then add more evenings spent writing and leave one evening to self-editing no matter what. Plus, you’ll sleep well and won’t be in a hurry doing a paper overnight.

Giving personal life higher priority than essays

Every one of the campus, especially freshmen are highly prone to romance traps. When you get into senior years in college, you know to juggle priorities right, where personal life doesn’t interfere with academic milestones such as submitting competent research papers. With age, you understand that a person making you put alleged relationships higher than studying isn’t right at all.

However, on your year one the possibility is high you’ll lose the track of endless partying, painting the town red and never sobering up for examples. That’s a dangerous train a sophomore year student has to avoid. How to do it? It’s simple: when having to choose whether to go to a party or prepare an essay, choose an essay. Then go to a party or on a date. On Friday you can set all your binge drinking demons free, though.

Never downloading a sample paper

Reference papers are great for practical writing hints and inspiration. It’s a free and 100% legit way to make your paper better. Remember, you don’t copy-paste things from a text online, you simply study the original, loan in ideas, get inspired and eventually present your own manuscript. Inspiring from works of others isn’t a crime, plagiarism is!

Using a cheap writing service

From time to time workload gets too heavy, so students seek help from academic ghostwriters. It’s a proven method to preserve time and rest more after a hard day in the classroom, however most often than not students err on the side of picking the cheapest custom assignment provider in town.

Cheap cheese is only found in the mouse-trap, a survivor rodent knows best. That’s why in case you’re up to giving custom writing a shot, price aspect should be the last one to consider. Content quality, turnaround time, refunds, customer security, safe billing – these are the first and foremost aspects to pay attention to. Now, let’s summarize the mentioned above hints for those of us who were in a hurry skimming the text through.

Do the following to succeed

  • Read essay instructions carefully, comply top to bottom
  • Defeat your procrastination
  • Studying goes first, then everything else including romance, hobbies, interests
  • Get an essay sample for your referencing needs
  • Using a custom writing site, stick to popular and reputable options
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