Number one is rather essential. To have a good day, make sure your morning routine is up to the mark as well. Foundation to having a great day is laid the moment you wake up, if not earlier! The truth is that two hours prior to your alarm clock going off quality of sleep is the highest. In the meantime, let’s keep in mind that when we’re sleeping our body temperature tends to go low putting us in a so-called hibernation allowed to delve into the deepest phases of sleep.

To wake up well-rested and have an energy tank fully restored, it’s a great idea to add a couple of extra layers of blankets to raise the temperature of your body. As a result, you’ll wake up with a proper body temperature without any sign of sleepiness. Because what happens when you wake up frozen down is the strong wish to stay in a warm bed as long as possible.

Fix your sleep-drunkenness

Have you ever slept for eight hours straight but still felt tired and longing for another two hours of sleep? Well, then you’ve been in the state of sleep-drunkenness, when you literally can’t stop sleeping or stop dreaming about returning to bed.

To find yourself in such state you must’ve broken your circadian rhythms. Instead of hopping on your low-wave sleep, which is the thing you need to actually rest out, you’re trapped in a light sleep all the time no matter how many hours you spend in bed. Given 8-hour sleep is more than enough for an adult to rest, you should fix your bedtime hours in favor of quality deep-wave sleep. How is it done? Well, as a student you might consider hiring homework help.

Consult a specialist or at least get an app like Sleep Cycle to get back on track with low-wave sleep. Living in a busy world, we go to bed late and wake up later or vice versa. In the long run, this leads to messing up with many things including diet, quality of sleep and even physical health. That’s why learning your optimum bedtime hours and going to bed at the right time is key to feeling well-rested even after sleeping 6 hours or less.

Squat when brushing teeth

Brushing your teeth in the morning is a monotonous yet very important routine. But more often than not we tend to brush teeth still feeling sleepy. It’s better to spend these three minutes of your time doing squats alongside brushing teeth. What positive impact such double-tasking could possibly bring?

Triggering large thigh and buttock muscles gets the blood flowing through body, pumping more blood into the brain too. As a result, leaving a bathroom to dress up and have breakfast, you’ll already be with a clean breath and head, ready for a productive day ahead. Plus, squats will help cast away sleepiness for good.

Have a proper breakfast

Needless to say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your body was hungry for six hours or more. That’s why to prevent it from literally consuming itself, feed it with proper carbs and proteins for your brain to have enough energy and function as it should. For when a body is hungry, it goes into a catabolic state where there’s no place for creative thinking, being energetic and feeling good.

Uk essay writers proved that people who have a nice breakfast each morning boast better cognitive functions, perform more effective at work, and generally seem happier than a grumpy cat sacrificing breakfast to twenty minutes of extra sleep.

Enjoy a cup of finest coffee

Coffee is a magical drink. Quality beans not only present you with a world of gourmet’s tasting bonanza, they also block adenosine – ‘sleep hormone’ that is still present in the blood flow after hours in bed. Cup of nice espresso can improve your mental capacity by 30% during 15-30 minutes, let alone the smell of freshly roasted beans that will make you smile. However, don’t overdo caffeine, having more than two espressos a day. Literature review suggests that although three espressos will make you feel Superman, quite soon there’ll be a roll-back effect characterized by feeling tired, anxious and lazy at work. Therefore, enjoy coffee responsibly, preferably by early afternoon.

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