Perhaps, you were asked to carry out a literature review or a compare and contrast essay in college. Maybe you need to write a comprehensive compare and contrast report on the work you’ve done before. In order to have an outstanding work, you need to start with an identification of two objects that have sufficient differences as well as similarities which are meaningful to compare. For example, there are the two branches or two government systems. You need to find several points which they can be compared, using research and analysis.Compose well-formed paragraphs with facts to attract and fascinate your readers. If you son’t want to waste your time on evaluation of such specifications, try to get help by using a essay writing service. Writing such type of an assignment is a crucial skill valued in academic careers.

1) Carefully consider the issue. Your mind may be full of great ideas for writing the paper, but if they don’t match the given topic, you will get a worse grade. Browse through top questions and place emphasis on key elements. Keep a list of them in front of you throughout the work.

What restrictions are present in the subject?

2) Determine what type of contrast and compare essay you need to write. Sometimes it’s pretty simple, as all you need is something to compare. Oftentimes you have to create a special model of evaluation, within the framework and according to the criteria which need to be assessed, compared and contrasted.In such cases, a simple indication of the similarities and differences of the objects is not enough.

Most likely, the task will have questions the answers for which can be easily found in your study-book. For example, you are given an assignment: “Select an idea or theme, such as love, conflict, death or time, and compare how poets of the Renaissance implemented it in their work.”  So, you need to compare several authors and the ways they approached a particular concept in an analytical way

3) Make a list of similarities and differences of the compared object. To write an essay, you do need to point out the contrasts! And the best way is to start working on it with a list of similarities and differences.

4) Establish a basis for comparison. You need to evaluate the comparison in context: how will you compare these two objects? In addition, you should find a theory (feminism, multiculturalism), question or a problem, as well as a historical theme (colonialism, emancipation) to boost your paper’s content. In comparison method, there must be a particular thesis or idea, defining “why you have decided to compare these two objects”.

The comparison should be specified in the task description, so, please, double-check that you have it in place. This is not your math homework so be creative.

The comparison may be related to some themes, characters, or specific features of the compared objects.

5) Learn how to compare objects. Despite the fact that there is a temptation to dive into details of the compared objects, it is important to provide a limited number of specifications due to the paper’s format. Compare several aspects of each topic, instead of trying to cover both subjects completely.

In the compare and contrast essay on historical, social, or scientific subjects, the research may be useful, but in an article, which examines two literary works it’s not.

If you include quotes, then they should be placed in the required format.

6) Prepare a thesis statement. Each essay must include a clear and distinct argument. Even if you are writing an essay only because you were asked to, you need to –explain why you are comparing these two issues. The comparison must emphasize the points that explain the similarities or differences of the compared objects.

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