As a freshman and perhaps a sophomore your life is a bed of roses. You come home after classes, have a nap, do some assignment writing, and then go partying with fellow peers. Next morning you wake up, enjoy a refreshing walk to take classes, come back home, have a rest and do your homework to set off either partying or dating. That’s a life to dream of!

But starting from your year three, you’ll come to realize you’re about to become an adult. Parents won’t be able to provide for you year after year until graduation. Student loan might (and will!) grab you by the shoulders. And eventually, you’ll figure out no one wants to hire students, especially without experience.

And it is then when part-time job seeking games will commence. Truth is that getting a job won’t be the most difficult part. The challenging part is mixing studying, working and having at least something resembling personal life. Now, here a couple of expert tips to do your student juggling right.

Manage time properly

Successful people have everything planned to the minute. Wealthy folks hire an assistant to run things for them while you will have to start drawing up classic to-do lists. Every evening before going to bed write down things to take care tomorrow. Think of how and when you can fit in your academic paper assignments, dating and working. More often than not it will be impossible, and you’ll have to make compromises. At the end of the day, that’s what adults do!

Note that falling out of schedule is very undesirable. A shift in a schedule will make your entire to-do-all pyramid shift and even fall. Adopt consistency and follow your regiment day in, day out. When holidays come, you could have some rest and catch up on things you missed on during the working week.

Set up priorities

Studying has you be your number one priority. If you don’t earn that degree as you’ve been more focused on your job than textbooks, no one will benefit from that. If you get sacked, student loan still will have to be returned to the government, while without a proper well-paid job it will be super-tough.

Same thing works for personal life, partying and dating. It might sound harsh, but your number one priority is studying, then work and only then – romance. Do you have wealthy parents ready to spend on and on until your graduation? Lucky you, you don’t even have to study that hard as everyone else!

Think outside the box

Students were the most creative folks in all times, so be smart. There’re college duties you can normally delegate to others. For example, you can get homework help on the web to turn in quality essays and term papers in time. In case workload gets too heavy on you, don’t hesitate to secure excellent results for writing assignments against all odds. Whenever you’re tired, beat and broken to complete another composition, rely on professional ghostwriters and submit papers without a hitch.

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