Dissertation? Poor you!

Prepare to experience perhaps the most nerve-wrecking wiring assignment of your entire lifetime. More than 60 pages of pure academic grey text, where you are to develop an engaging topic, present original findings, and round up with relevant conclusions.

Plus, the entire manuscript has to be proofread like hundred times, if not more! Are you ready to do it? Do you have enough free time, commitment and writing skill to turn in a draft to be accepted on the first try?

With these time-tested tips you surely are.

Choose a proper topic

Keep in mind that doing a proper thesis paper takes an average graduate up to half a year. Five-six months prior to the manuscript submission you have to pluck up all the courage you have and decide on a topic. Here’re a couple of guidelines for you to follow:

  • Pick a topic you feel closely related to
  • Your topic has to be interesting personally for you to research
  • However, if a topic has little-to-none background materials to build your study on, elaborate on another topic
  • Approve your topic with the dissertation committee or any other official involved
  • Have a couple of topic options up your sleeve just in case

By the way, why start working over a thesis so early? There’re a couple of reasons to:

  • Sometimes a research gets into a blind corner and you have to restart from square one
  • Sometimes topics are sacked by the committee
  • Sometimes a supervisor might refuse to work on this or that topic

Speaking of supervisors…

Team up with all the right people

Your supervisor is the person responsible for 20% of dissertation job done. The person helps you with background sources, research and data analysis hints, etc. Additionally, supervisors might influence the committee in your favor, so it’s in your very best interests to partner up with the most skilled, knowledgeable and reputable professor. But it’s not that easy as it sounds!

The truth is, best supervisors work with best candidates. To prove you’re worthy, you have to present at least something from your thesis done, plus a dissertation proposal, of course! Before forwarding a well written, personally tailored thesis offer, you have to prepare the following materials:

  • Solid topic a supervisor will be interested in contributing to
  • Outline or at least a brief writing plan
  • List of reference sources you’re going to build the paper on

Any other dissertation assets will boost your odds at working with a competent professor even more. In the meantime, you can hire a dissertation ghostwriter at a service like UK-Custom-Essays.com to get practical assistance with a thesis. It’s discreet and helps overcome obstacles students face pretty often. With the best supervisor and private writing assistance you will succeed 100%.

Follow a strict daily routine

Dissertation writing is a monotonous endeavor. It takes lots of patience and dedication to finally present a comprehensive draft. In order to go through the entire distance A to Z without a hitch, follow these 10 effective hints for the win.

  1. Work on a dissertation not more than 5 hours a day
  2. Make 15-minute breaks every hour
  3. Write when well-rested and full
  4. Avoid distractions such as social networks, TV, entertainment websites, etc.
  5. Download a free dissertation sample online for inspiration and writing hints
  6. Draw up a daily writing step-by-step to-do list consisting of small writing milestones you have to complete every day
  7. Proofreading goes only after writing for the day is over
  8. Consult your supervisor and personal UK-Custom-Essays expert as often as possible for extra guidance
  9. No plagiarism
  10. Keep the pace steady but consistent, don’t ‘burn out’ too soon

That’s all the tips you need to perform up to the mark. Have anything to add or any extra hints to share? Please share your ideas in the comments!

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