In high school you want to be a lawyer or surgeon, but somehow you end up as a junior assistance or UK essays writing guy for hire. That said, we don’t always end up earning for living the way we dreamt about. College student loans are a heavy burden, life circumstances change so that we find ourselves boiling the pot at a little prestigious, poorly paid job. In addition, even degreed experts may find themselves in the employment office seeking at least some options, which are usually off the beat.

Is there a proficient way out? Indeed there is – continuous education! Forget dissertation writing and tedious written assignments, only solid knowledge and skill boost. Continuous education lets you make a career change in favor for a profession which is actually demanded nowadays and more financial rewarding. Today, continuous education is referred to as a college course or vocational training for adults seeking to either improve their current qualification or swap one professional field for another, more well-paid and promising in terms of career growth. Stunning thing is, you can easily juggle continuous education and current job until the change is made.

In times of recession

Continuous education steps in to pursue 5 major goals:

  • Improve expert’s current level of knowledge and skills in the native profession, to make him more valuable in the eyes of employers, more qualified in a job, less likely to get laid off;
  • Keep expert’s level of skills on an acute level to keep up with times and technological developments in the field;
  • Increase expert’s chances of getting a promotion thanks to better knowledge of the chosen profession;
  • Improve person’s self-esteem in the eyes of family, bosses, society;
  • Help people selected for redundancy master a new profession, which sometimes can be completely different to a position a person occupied before the layoff.

There’s always a room for learning more

People who never stop learning are most likely to succeed in life. Case studies showed that after a continuous education course you could earn 15-20% more on your current position. In such areas as IT, Law, Medicine a professional must always keep up with the times, learn new things, methods, techniques and approaches to keep one’s professional level and hence market value high. A person who stopped learning, adopting new ways to do the job better is actually most likely to become redundant, opted-in for a better, maybe even younger expert with a learning spark in the eyes.

All in all, continuous education is an excellent move to be on top of your profession, respected and valued by employers, have better chances for promotion and thus earning more. Furthermore, continuous college and university education helps swapping an unclaimed profession for the one demanded nowadays. For people graduated from college 10-15 years ago, continuous education is perhaps the best way to keep bringing their best game.

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