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Writing Literature Review is Instructive! Keep this Experience and Use It Professionally

We have no doubts you know what a review is. However, let’s provide you with the following definition as it might re-shape your understanding of this concept. A literature review is a piece of writing that intends to criticize a book/article and identify areas of controversy, raise questions which need further research. Many students mistakenly believe that review is a simple description of the written. However, it is not. You should take a deep insight into the essence. Writing a literature review calls for a synthesis and analysis linked with your rationale. Please, pay attention to the following list that indicates the right approach to writing literature review:

  • contrast authors ‘opinions on the issue;
  • highlight forte/weak points in the research;
  • criticize aspects of methodology;
  • show how your study relates to previous studies;
  • conclude by summarizing what the paper says;

Keep in mind your project will be judged in the context of the completed research. Apart from it, your teacher will evaluate whether your summary of the current literature contributed to the reader’s understanding of the problems.

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