Nobody likes being in debt. However, in college it is basically impossible to stay debt-free. Tuition itself costs a lot of money and everybody wants to eat once in a while. This is why many college students are searching for ways to make money while studying, doing the “side hustles” if you will.

Now, you have to keep in mind that side hustles are very different from your usual day-to-day job. Here you get to choose when and exactly how much you want to work, which is exactly what makes it so appealing for college students.

To get started you first have to determine what your best skills are and what you enjoy doing. After that, you have to very carefully decide exactly when you spare can some hours for side hustling. Time management is exceptionally important here, people who do it incorrectly often fail in their side jobs as well as their studying. Do not forget that!

Here is a short list of the most popular side hustles for college students:

  • Housecleaning:

Due to the absence of time, more and more people tend to leave their house cleaning to professionals. Using this fact, you can set up your own little company that will provide housekeeping services of your choice. Inform as many people as possible via brochures and things just like that so more potential customers will know about you. If cleaning is something you are good at – this is a way to go!

  • Catering:

If you take to Google and search for “catering jobs”, you will be surprised at how many companies are constantly looking for students they can hire. It comes in many different ways and pays accordingly. Some jobs may be a couple hours each week, some may require you for only a couple hours a month – you get to choose. A great choice for a college student.

  • Tutoring:

Tutoring might be the most popular way with students to make some extra cash. If you are good at studying, there is always a great chance that someone would be willing to hire you to provide some assignment help. College help wibsites suggest looking for tutors as soon as possible, so the demand is always at a high level. Just post a message on your dorm billboard, saying, for example, that you provide homework help and wait for people to contact you.

  • Driving:

Have a car? This can always bring you some extra cash. Taxi services such as Uber are always looking for people they can hire. Use it to your benefit!


It does not matter whether you choose to provide help with homework or maybe catering services, we just hope you’ll be able to bring your finances in order!

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