Marketing major is extremely popular nowadays. More and more students are choosing it and the general opinion is that this is a very useful as well as interesting major. It requires you to work creatively while still provides a competitive salary at all ranks, which does sounds appealing. However, just like any other major it has its cons. Here are some things you have to account for before choosing to go into a marketing major:


  • Career options are plenty. Every respectable organization has at least some sort of marketing department. People who graduate having a marketing degree tend to have little to no problems finding a job, and even entry level positions tend to have respectable salaries. Financial stability at its finest!
  • You always work with people. In this field, promotion often means getting a supervisor position which gives you an opportunity to control and educate a lot of people. This is great if you are a people’s person!
  • Traveling is almost guaranteed. This is great, you get to see the world. Very often big companies have projects that will require their sales managers and other members of marketing department to travel to different countries in order to do business.
  • There is a very big pool of good colleges that you get to choose from. A lot of schools have outstanding programs that will teach you everything necessary. The study itself is not the easiest one though, and all the educational components starting from simple assignment writing up to taking exams tend to be as complicated as always.

Creative jobs will always have downsides. Some suggest that marketing major is a terrible idea at all. It does sound extreme, but here are some reasons why you should think twice before choosing a marketing major:


  • Sometimes, you just simply cannot create anything. And there will be no one whom you can ask to help with homework, like you probably did at school. Sometimes work gets extremely frustrating, when even what seemed like an easy task at first now feels just as hard as dissertation writing.
  • Popularity of marketing major might become your worst enemy. You always have to fight through a very tough competition in order to distinguish yourself.
  • In some cases, people have to travel so much they start to forget what their home looks like. If you love being at home, this major might not be for you.

Here are some pros and cons of a marketing major. Just remember, always choose wisely!

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