It is often the case that students don’t have enough sources to get creativity from when writing a dissertation or working on any other assignment that requires a significant amount of effort. If the environment they’re in is not creatively inducing, the results of their work often lack imagination and innovation. That’s why it is so important to find other creativity boosters, and in the modern age of technology, it is not surprising that technology can help a lot in this respect. There are numerous tools that will be of use for those who are looking to develop creatively. We’ve listed just a few of them here.

ACMI Generator

A digital storytelling too, ACMI Generator allows to create awesome storyboards using the resources available online. The storyboard videos can then be shared with friends. A great tool for creative self-expression.


A student can do virtually nothing without a tool for good presentations, whether it is used for fun or to present, let’s say, a research proposal. Prezi has an impressive number of templates and resources to use for beautifully designed presentations that will leave no one indifferent. The tool can be used by multiple participants to work on the same project, which makes it great for team assignments.


This tool is a little different from the others, as it serves to develop skills rather than convey ideas. Students using this service can read stories written by others and create their own pieces to be shared with friends. These are not just stories, but more like comic books with the imagery provided by the website. And what is even more important, Storybird has a badge motivation system, which helps stimulate users for more achievements.

Glogster EDU

A great place for students to get inspiration before writing a dissertation proposal or any other important piece. The tool gives users a chance to create hyper-interactive posters that include not only images and videos, but also sounds.


Mind mapping is one of the most important aspects of creativity. Using Coggle as a browser extension or an online service, students can easily create beautiful and intricate mind maps with multicolored nods and branches and images. Multiple users can work on the same mind map, which can then be exported for presentation.

It is important to use a few different tools for different aspects of creativity development, as all of them have their pros and cons. And don’t forget – creativity is power, so when you feel tempted to give up on creative ideas … just don’t do it!

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