Coursework is mainly a UK type of paper turned in as a part of GSCE and A-level subject examination. Unlike an oral exam which puts too much pressure on students, a coursework gives much more room for preparation and doing the work up to the mark. However, with extra time goes a false assumption of feeling safe outside the examination room.

In different schools, colleges and universities students might be given from two days to a couple of weeks to elaborate on a solid coursework. Plus, in schools, a coursework is a major paper done to access pupil’s overall knowledge on a subject, the result of which is combined with an exam score. In colleges and universities courseworks are common papers tasked to assess students’ current level of knowledge, as well as test their analytical and written skills. In colleges and universities courseworks might be assigned as a group activity.

Coursework problems students face today

Having access to the Internet, students tend to look up sample courseworks to be used as references and sources of background data. However, most often than not such searches end up re-writing stuff taken for free online and then facing severe consequences due to plagiarism. While smart students opt for custom writing solutions providing authentic content, plagiarism is still a major problem for academicians who treat plagiarism too recklessly.

This taken into consideration, more and more UK high schools withdraw coursework writing from GSCE and A-level testing in favor of purely oral examinations. In the meantime, many colleges and universities remain courseworks as a part of the total annual paper writing workload alongside essays, reports and case studies.

Hints for writing excellent courseworks

  • Choose a topic carefully, there should be plenty of reference sources to back up your paper, otherwise a topic should be reconsidered in order to prevent time loss
  • Read coursework instructions attentively and follow requirements word-for-word
  • Fit into the word count 100 words plus or minus, if can’t – seek to rewrite content in order to meet the requested amount of words
  • If using reference sources, each evidence piece must be backed up by proven data
  • If using quotes, all citations must be genuine and properly referenced
  • Format a coursework based on APA or MLA reference style depending on a subject area – Natural Science or Humanities respectively
  • Always fit into the deadline or you’ll lose the scores
  • Dedicate plenty of time to proofreading
  • If it’s a group work, follow the plan and consult with writing partners every day for updates and draft amendments
  • Using a dedicated writing service, err in favor of proven websites with strong social presence, positive feedback, strict no-plagiarism policy and reachable support

To put it simple, coursework is a large essay. Follow that rule of thumb and master your essay writing game perfectly well. Although a coursework doesn’t seem a difficult assignment, especially when having enough background data available for research. It’s attention to the detail which makes the difference.

Last crucial thing to always keep in mind is that the cost of mistake writing a coursework is very high. No one will let you make amendments to the draft, no one will accept a paper after the deadline, and no one will cut you any slack for not living up to the mark for whatever reason you have.

Coursework writing knows no excuses. You either do it right, or you fail. So, keep your eyes on the prize and commit to some serious paper writing. An ‘A’ in a subject at the end of the year will be worth every second spent researching, drafting and self-editing.

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